Saturday, April 12, 2014

What's in your diaper bag?

What’s in your Diaper Bag??????????

So it’s Saturday night and I am packing the diaper bag for church tomorrow and I thought this is the perfect time to do a “What’s in your bag?” post. Yay!! I am pretty excited for this post.

So William is 7months old now so this pertains more to an older baby.

 The bag is the Skip Hop Waverly Diaper Bag - Organic Dot. I got it at Babies R Us when I was still pregnant. I LOVE this bag there is so much room in it. I can not find the same bag on the skip hop website, but I did find it on the Babies R Us website  (here).   


Ok so inside the bag:

Food Snacks:

·       Gerber Puffs (These are baby crack!!) I keep these in my bag incase we stop somewhere to get something to eat or have a long wait. He loves these things.

·       1 container of Gerber stage 2 baby food. Mixed Veggies At home he eats home-made but these don’t need to be refrigerated)

·       1 Spoon 

·       Cheerios (he loves cheerios!!!)

·       A bottle of water

·       2 sippy cups (Tommee Tippy and Nuby)


His Stuff:


·        5 diapers

·       Desitin

·       A&D

·       Wipes

·       Boogie Wipes (AMAZING saline wipes)

·       Johnson and Johnson hand and face wipes (these smell amazing!)

·       I sandwich bag with a onsie, bib and pair of socks)

·       2 teethers 

·       a snuggle toy and rattle

My Stuff:

·       Extra T-shirt Seriously the best thing I can pack I use it all the time.

·       Deodorant (breast feeding makes me SOOO hot)

·       Lipgloss

·       Cell phone

·       Stappy wallet

·       Hand lotion

·        Always infinity Pads (just in case aunt flo comes to town)

·       pen and pad


·       Clorox Wipes



So what is in your diaper bag? What things did I forget?  Share below in the comments section!

P.S: I will be making a youtube video about this to show how I put everything in the bag. I'll link it here once I'm done :) 

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