Friday, April 11, 2014

Hello Everyone! How are you doing?  We are doing great here. Little Will is crawling everywhere now So I have to start baby proofing. I can not believe that he is 7 months old already.

Also Steven turned 7 last week!!! He is getting so big. I cannot believe it my little baby is not a baby anymore.  I want to post some pictures and talk a little bit about what our birthday traditions are in our home.  

It all started for his 2nd Birthday. He had two working parents and neither of us could get the whole day off. We felt terrible so the night before his birthday while he was sleeping we decorated the entire house with balloons and streamers.  So when he woke up it felt like a party. Anyway we have done that every single year since then. He loves it and loves getting to open presents first thing J  The weekend before his birthday he had “Man Day” with my husband. Man Day is where its just the two of them doing man stuff. Hair cuts, mini golf, breakfast at waffle house.

This year we went with the Avengers Theme.

He really wants to make his own video blog so we got him a starter video camera. One that is not too expensive but captures pretty good images. He loves it so far. He is actually really into photography and videography so we will see where this passion takes him.

 So tell me.  What are the birthday traditions in your house? How do you celebrate birthdays?

What are your kids really into right now?

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