Monday, January 27, 2014

Jan. 27th 2014 

So as of today Steven is officially enrolled into Florida Virtual School as a Home Education Student. Yay!!! In about a week all of his supplies should arrive and I will do a video unboxing and link it here. 

I want to say a few things about the enrollment process. It was soooooooooo simple. I can not say that enough. Every person that I spoke with over the phone was knowledgeable, polite, and quick. I never get that kind of service. 

I will say that here in Orange County Florida the home education people for our district are very quick. But I will say that when you call them, know what you want and what you need. The Letter of Intent form says Only check the florida virtual school if your student is grades 6-12. Well when I called to ask for proof that we are Homeschool for FLVS she said that I should have checked the box.... ummm no I shouldn't have it clearly says not to on the form. Also the person that I spoke with was not very computer savvy. I had to explain what an underscore was and that my email address is not case sensitive. That made me very concerned but it all worked out :) I only say all of this to say dealing with the two parties you see the stark differences. 

I also want to talk about some homey stuff. So for dinner tonight we had shake and bake pork chops carrots and noodles and sauce. 

I have also been making some homemade baby food all day to day. I was working on Orange Foods so I made ice cube trays of Carrots, sweet potatoes and butternut squash. I will add  pictures tomorrow.  

In the mean time enjoy this gif of my Hubby with no beard!!! 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hello Everyone!!!

I know that I have been away for the past 4 months. Things tend to get a little Cray Cray adjusting to a new family member. So let me give a quick update on what is going on in our lives since my last post. 

  1. William is doing phenomenal!! He is growing and changing and jus a joy. Steven is an amazing big brother and really adjusted well. Yes there were hiccups. Steven did have a few months were he seemed to have forgotten every rule and all his manners. But in the end we realized that he was going through an adjustment and testing the waters. It was a hard couple of months. We stayed strong and persistent and now I have my well mannered quiet little boy back :) 

2.  I have come to grips that I am a terrible memory maker. William is 4 months old and we only have one family pictiure that was taken by a stranger at the pumpkin patch. I will be working on that this year more family pictures with all 4 of us in them. 

3.  We have started going to church! On a regular basis and are going to take the membership class this weekend!! I am so excited. We have been looking for the right church home and we found it. We are also working as a family to ensure that Jesus is in everything we do and working on praying more and growing more. 

4. I am officially a stay a home mommy now!! It was a hard decision to make but I am sure that we made the right one for our family.

4. Starting tomorrow we will be a homeschool family!! I am so excited and scared and excited LOL. It is something that I have always wanted to do but I was going to hold off until next year. I was going to homeschool so that I could have more time to travel with the boys really customize the curriculum so that they are learning on a global level and I want them to learn to be self starters. Well last Thursday Stevens School lost him. Like they could not tell me if he made it on the bus to karate or if he walked home. This is unacceptable. He is only 6 years old. I understand that things happen what made matters worse is that the assistant principal did not care. She was so cold and basically like its not her problem. It turned out that he was upset in the hallway and didn't want to go karate she pulled him to the side and went into her office and left him in the hall. When she came out he was gone. Luckily Steven had just realized that his bus was here and got on his bus to karate. He was only missing for about 30 mins. The karate school doesn't answer the phone when they are driving with the kids. (GREAT RULE) my husband left work and went down there everything was fine. So we are on a homeschool adventure. Since we only have half the year left we are going with the florida virtual schools Home education Program. I will do an updated post with more details on that. 

Well we are officially all caught up. Thanks for reading!!