Friday, June 27, 2014

Low Cost Summer Fun Ideas For Boys

Our Family's Not so Bummer Summer List

My husband won a Facebook challenge that the children’s ministry at our church put on.  Steven won a scholarship for a week of Winshape Day Camp. We were pumped up but I was really worried. The camp started his first week after school ended and I was worried that he would expect a high action for the rest of the summer.  How can I make this summer awesome? Here is what I have working against me:

  • I don't drive. So everything we do I will have to get ahead of time or be within walking distance.
  • I do not have a ton of money. There it is people honesty in its purest form. My budget can be a deal breaker.

 I would dedicate some time over the weekend because Steven was going to have a sleepover at his grandma’s house with his cousin Gia. Steven loves Gia but we don’t get to see her that often because they live 3 hours away. By the time I had to go pick up Steven I had nothing. I had pinterested, googled, and nothing seemed exciting enough. I felt so defeated.
So I get to my mother in law’s house feeling frustrated.Steven runs up to me and the first thing he says is “Mom I want to make a Not So Bummer Summer List like Judy Moody with Gia. We can Skype and talk about the things we do!” 

So we sat together as a family and came up with a list. We narrowed it down to 25 things. Some are free, some are very low cost and a  few big things. We made a poster to hang in his room and to show Gia. We are going to put stickers next to the things that we do. 

L=Low Cost F=Free B= Bigger Cost
 1.     Make Ice Cream  (L)
2.     Build a fort in the living room (F)
3.  Visit all the parks in the city(L)
4.     Learn a magic trick (F)
5.     Make Slime  (F)
6.     Ride a Roller Coaster (B)
7.     Ride a Horse (B)
8.     See a scary movie (F) (This will be free because he is not ready for movie theatre scary movie yet at home I can control it and I hope to find something a tiny bit scary so get his feet wet so suggestions are welcome)
9.     Go on a hike (L)
10. Go fishing (L)
11. Stay up ALL night(F)
12. Visit a Photo-booth(L)
13. Go Bowling (L)
14. Visit a farm or farmers market(L)
15. Go to the beach (L)
16. Write a letter and mail it (F)
17. Tie Dye a shirt (L)
18. Make a banana split (L)
19. Picnic (F)
20. Roll down a hill (F)
21. Bake a cake (L)
22. Try to surf (L)
23. Decorate the house for summer (like a party) (F)
24.  Road Trip (B)
25.  Movie Marathon Day ( watch movies as a family ALL DAY) (F) I count this as free because we have Netflix and Amazon Prime that we already pay for so it will not cost anything extra out of the budget.

Now I am really excited for this summer. All of the big items we will do on the weekend with my husband.   As we go through the list I will be sure to post pictures and keep you updated.

So tell me what are some plans that you have for this summer?  How do you organize your summer activities? Do you have any recommendations for a scary movie first timer?

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Venus Snap Razor With Embrace Review and Hacks

Venus Snap with Embrace Review and tips and tricks!

Hi guys!! A few weeks ago I posted a video about my first VoxBox from Influenster with the Venus Snap. They sent it to me so that I can try it out and tell you all what I think. While I did receive this product for free from Influenster I want you to know that all of my opinions are my own.

The premise of the product is that it is a tiny razor that you can take anywhere to do a touch up. All you need to do is wet the razor and go. 

Did it live up to the hype of that statement above? No. But it is great for a few other reasons.

  •    c It comes in this super cute blue carrying case. This makes it stylish and chic and if it falls out of your purse or beach bag you don’t look like a crazy person who carries sharp objects.

A few things  that I do want to point out :

v This will NOT replace your regular razor!!!
This product is more of an in addition too. Oh man I missed a spot, is the idea. It is perfect for vacation because it is great for travel but honestly I would be frustrated using this ALL the time because it is so tiny.

v Shaving the way it said to on the packaging made my legs really itchy.

One tip that I discovered:

If I use baby oil in the area that I want to shave I do not get that itchy burning feeling. Just carry a travel size bottle in your purse and it will make the world of difference.

If you have any questions about the product let me know. Here is a video I made from my youtube channel about the venus snap with embrace. 

 Have a great day!!!