Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Unexpected Field Trip to the Sheriff's Aviation Hangar!

Unexpected Field Trip!

So yesterday was family movie night at church. You bring your blanket and some snacks and they play a family friendly movie and have movie related games. It is so fun! The thing is we were getting in the car and I said are you sure we still want to go? Should we just stay home today?

Well I am glad that we didn’t just stay home because the COOLEST Thing to ever happen happened.

Yes that is my kids sitting in a police helicopter!
We were invited to take a tour of the  Orange County sheriff’s police hangar!! How cool is that?!

We learned about the types of clothes they wear. We learned about heat vision and night vision and what the difference is. We learned about how the body radiates heat and how heat left behind can leave traces of where a person might go!

But the best part about this trip to the police hangar was not seeing the helicopters; it is putting a face and name to the heroes of our community.  I come from a family that baked cookies for the police department at Christmas time.  I lived in a town where the fire department was opened for everyone to visit and you knew who the chief of police was.

Things are different today. Today our police officers and members of law enforcement are treated as if they are the villains. Well we are taking a stand as a family. Our kids will know that law enforcement is the good guys. We stand behind them and we support them. Now we have names to say when we pray for them at night.  Pray that they are safe as they serve and protect.  Thank you to God for putting some really awesome people on the police force in our town. And of course Thank you to Officer Bill and his co-workers for taking the time to show us around last night. It made a huge impression on our boys.

Call your local police or sheriff's office and see if your children can also meet the heroes of your town. 

Have a great day!!