Tuesday, May 27, 2014

10 Coolest Places to Hangout on the Internet

10  Things I am currently Obsessed with on the Internet: 

 So this is a list of things that I am currently really into on the internet. Things that help me pass the time (or procrastinate LOL) All of these opinions are my own and I am not sponsored by any of the things on my list. ☺ These really are not in any order. They are just the things that keep me entertained, my link to the outside world. 

 10) CafĂ©mom Confessions board. This is a mommy forum of insane drama. It is way more fun to watch than Jerry Springer! These ladies have all sorts of problems from I don’t know who my baby’s dad is to I am the mistress. It satisfies my need for ridiculousness. 

 9) Beauty Youtube Videos. Seriously I have learned so much. I have always walked past Ulta, Sephora, and the Mac store to intimidated to go inside. I had no idea where to begin, do I want foundation a cream a powder do I need both? What is bronzer I don’t need that I am TAN already LOL. Thanks to some lovely Youtube Beauties I have learned a ton and am no longer afraid of make up stores. I can confidently say I am looking for a nude lipstick and leave happy ☺ Here are a two of the channels that I watch: Glamtwinz and Rosita 

 8) Twitter!!!! I know you are probably thinking “Welcome to 2014 Jeanette” yeah I get it. Ok so I will admit it I am not good at condensing my thoughts (obviously) I always felt my opinions can’t be limited to 140 characters I have so much more to say. Well its really not as limiting as I thought. It does drive me crazy all the text speak and sometimes I get confused. I still have no idea what “favoriting” a tweet does (if you know please comment because I don’t get it) Also I followed Olaf (Don’t judge my twitter choices) and ummm he is a bit raunchy. Just an FYI. So anyway you can find me on Twitter now @jeanette511 


 7) Buzzfeed! I follow them on Twitter seriously I have so much fun! Their articles and quizzes are all hysterical. Whether I am reliving the 2000 or looking at all the reasons why I am an awesome parent I am never disappointed. They even do short little informational videos. 

 6) Stuff Mom Never Told You Is a podcast by these two witty women that holds a special place in my heart. I seriously have learned so much from them. They are all about empowering women and educating women on topics that women want to hear about from Women Gamers, feminism, body shaming, and mass hysteria. Caroline and Cristen talk about it all. They share awesome articles on Facebook and they have a really cool youtube. They are a sister channel to How Stuff Works and honestly they are amazing. 

 5) Dream Home Source- Ok so lately I am obsessed with building my dream home. I feel like we have outgrown apartment living and have decided to buy a house in a year or 2. It all started very practical looking at houses I can afford… now I am obsessed with finding a blue print for my dream home. There are homes in every style from a studio beach bungalow to a 7 bedroom mountain overlook it is amazing . It is a fun website to play around on and see all the different options available to you. 

 4) Pinterest: Ok so I live on the website for everything. Making grocery lists, learning how to decorate, hair and make up, quotes, raising children, EVERYTHING!! In fact I am pretty sure that Pinterest is responsible for my addiction to the internet LOL. You can follow me (here) but a warning my recipe board is full of terrible things for you. I swear I start out looking for healthy family recipes and somehow end of with 10 pins of chocolate dipped s’mores, triple chocolate brownies and things like that. DO NOT judge me! 

 3) Amazon- So I have amazon prime, and It is worth it for me. Every three months I get a box of wipes sent for like 8 dollars. I stream movies and TV shows while I am washing dishes and cooking dinner. I have discovered little gems like Justified and Sons of Anarchy. I can also borrow some books for free and have free 2 day shipping all year. I honestly don’t even use Netflix anymore because I like Prime Better. ( they do not have as much kid stuff though and I don’t like that some stuff is free and other stuff isn’t so for the kid he has to use Netflix)

 2) Influenster: Influenster  an internet freebie website. You connect all your social media; blog, You Tube, twitter and you are assigned a score. There are badges to unlock like beauty queen, momma bear, where you take surveys and review things that you have used in the past. Every month they do a “Vox Box” this is a free box that they send to people that fit the things inside. Like a something blue box would go to engaged people, make up seems to go to people with beauty blogs. Once you have the box they ask that you talk about the products on the social media. I think you have to be invited to join if you need an invitation leave a comment and I’ll send you one. I only have 3 left.

 1) BzzAgent: This website is another internet freebie site that I love. You take a bunch of surveys and then they match you with products to try. They list some ways that you can help spread the "buzz" about the product.  Their website is so much easier than influenster to understand. It is fun to use and the activities are cool. I even convinced my husband to try it and he was just selected for an Art of Shaving BuzzKit.

 So what do you like to do on the Internet? What are your recommendations? How do you pass the time? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!


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    1. I always get lost on the web. I will view your places and get back to you. Great blog

    2. Thanks!! Let me know where your favorite places to hang out are :) Thanks for commenting

  2. I am literally obsessed with memes. I can't even deal with posting a blog or facebook comment without them. If it doesn't fit the topic.

    I make one.

    I have a problem lol

    -Mental Momma

    1. I love Memes!! At my old job my boss would send them every friday when he was checking our time records. How do you make your memes? Imgur is a great place to find really funny ones. Thanks for commenting!


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