Thursday, June 12, 2014

Venus Snap Razor With Embrace Review and Hacks

Venus Snap with Embrace Review and tips and tricks!

Hi guys!! A few weeks ago I posted a video about my first VoxBox from Influenster with the Venus Snap. They sent it to me so that I can try it out and tell you all what I think. While I did receive this product for free from Influenster I want you to know that all of my opinions are my own.

The premise of the product is that it is a tiny razor that you can take anywhere to do a touch up. All you need to do is wet the razor and go. 

Did it live up to the hype of that statement above? No. But it is great for a few other reasons.

  •    c It comes in this super cute blue carrying case. This makes it stylish and chic and if it falls out of your purse or beach bag you don’t look like a crazy person who carries sharp objects.

A few things  that I do want to point out :

v This will NOT replace your regular razor!!!
This product is more of an in addition too. Oh man I missed a spot, is the idea. It is perfect for vacation because it is great for travel but honestly I would be frustrated using this ALL the time because it is so tiny.

v Shaving the way it said to on the packaging made my legs really itchy.

One tip that I discovered:

If I use baby oil in the area that I want to shave I do not get that itchy burning feeling. Just carry a travel size bottle in your purse and it will make the world of difference.

If you have any questions about the product let me know. Here is a video I made from my youtube channel about the venus snap with embrace. 

 Have a great day!!! 

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  1. Well I miss spots all the time and because of you I will try it thanks for the coupon tiny is always good for me thanks again


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