Saturday, October 13, 2012

Smore's Cookies

S S S Mooorreeesss!! 

Yes there is nothing better in the whole world than the marshmellowy gooey goodness that is  smore's. But I do believe that S more's hold a special place in my heart above other desserts because my husband and I met at a sleep away summer camp. Ah, the memories of star filled skies by the lake surrounded by pine trees and the Adirondack Mountains...

Anyway I am getting off topic here. So last weekend we went over to my Mother in Laws house (Maria) and I make these delicious Smore cookies I found on pinterest by The Apron Gal. 
You can visit her here. I totally went to get this recipe and was lost in her blog with all the other cool stuff there so check it out. The link below takes you right to the recipe. 

So here is my attempt. I followed the recipe as is my only variation was the pan I made in a pie tin instead. These did not last 10 mins before they were gobbled up. They were so good. Sorry I could not get a picture of it cut after it was baked because everyone ate it too quickly. 




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